Is BLACKPINK's Rosé ok? Fans express concern about idol's health after new video goes VIRAL

    In a new video that has gone viral, netizens were excited to see BLACKPINK's Rosé filming something.

    <p>BLACKPINK's Rosé</p>

    BLACKPINK's Rosé

    Content Warning: This article contains discussions about dieting, body image issues, and eating disorders, which may be triggering for some readers.

    Since the news of the four members of BLACKPINK leaving YG Entertainment for their solo careers—but continuing to work under the agency for group activities—there hasn't been much happening on the group front. However, the members have been busy with their solo ventures.

    Rosé, the only member who hasn't opened her agency, has been seen at various fashion shows and recently appeared with Jennie, as posted by the singer herself on her Instagram posts. However, now that the new video featuring her has gone viral, what has grabbed the attention of many is Rosé's health. 

    In a new video that has gone viral, netizens were excited to see her filming something. They couldn't stop gushing about her hair and styling as she interacted with an adorable dog. Rosé's elegant and chic appearance has always been a topic of admiration, and this video was no exception, with fans praising her fashion choices and the effortless way she carried herself.

    However, amidst the excitement, there was a growing concern about her health. While Rosé has always had a slimmer frame since her debut, in this particular video, she appeared to be extremely skinny. This noticeable change in her appearance has sparked a wave of worry among her fans. They are anxious about her well-being, expressing their hopes that she is eating well and taking care of herself. 

    Many fans have taken to social media, particularly X (formerly known as Twitter) to send her supportive messages, encouraging her to prioritize her health. This concern highlights the intense scrutiny and pressure that idols face to always look perfect. 

    About BLACKPINK members:

    As mentioned earlier, the members of BLACKPINK have renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment solely for group activities. For their solo endeavours, they have decided to part ways with the agency. Aside from Rosé, the remaining three members have established their labels.

    Jennie founded 'ODD ATELIER', while Lisa announced her company, 'LLOUD'. Jisoo also became a CEO, launching her label 'BLISSOO' for her solo promotions.

    Although there is no news about new group music, the idols are busy preparing their songs, endorsing fashion brands, and appearing on variety shows for their solo work.