SM Entertainment denies sex scandal rumours related to NCT; fans heartbroken by Haechan's appearance

    Soon after, fans kept pestering SM Entertainment to speak on the issue and declined the rumours.

    SM Entertainment and NCT

    SM Entertainment and NCT

    NCT DREAM has been in Japan following their "The Dream Show 3" concert dates doing events for their upcoming release "Moonlight". However, amid all this, two members of the group Johnny and Haechan were involved in a rumored sex scandal. Soon after the news broke out, the stock prices of SM began to decline, and the rumours even began to appear in national media. 

    However, on June 4, while en route to their next destination, NCT arrived at Fukuoka Airport and what grabbed the attention surrounding Haechan's arrival. Fans believed Haechan "looks sad" in a fan-taken photo, which suggests the idol is withdrawn. 

    Soon after, fans kept pestering SM Entertainment to speak on the issue and declined the rumours. Following the group's airport arrival in Japan, the agency released a statement addressing the issue.

    In a statement shared with media outlets, SM Entertainment denied the false rumours and stated they would take legal action against those who spread the rumours.

    "Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

    Currently, rumours surrounding Johnny and Haechan’s involvement with prostitution, drugs, and other indecent content are being reproduced and spread online. After verifying the facts, these allegations are not true at all, and [these rumours] are criminal acts that seriously defame our artists.

    In addition, malicious rumours and slander continue to be spread about NCT and our other artists, including Heechul.

    We have already collected sufficient evidence regarding the posts in question and we will not sit and do nothing. We will ensure the perpetrators spreading this information will be punished with no leniency or settlement, regardless of their nationality.

    Please be aware that any act of posting malicious content could be subject to punishment. Thank you."

    Heechul of Super Junior was in fact also connected to the matter, though he swiftly denied any knowledge of it. The idols' fans hope these rumours end soon and they go back to being the cheerful people they always are.