South Korea's iconic WATERBOMB festival line-up is OUT - Artists to watch out across 9 cities

    While line-ups differ in each city, performers may include a mix of local and international K-pop, hip-hop, and EDM artists.

    South Korea's WATERBOMB festival

    South Korea's WATERBOMB festival

    Originating in South Korea, Waterbomb is not your average music event; it's a summer extravaganza combining top-tier artist performances with a lively water fight. Festival-goers typically wear sports beachwear and are armed with water guns to enjoy being sprayed with water from the stage.

    While line-ups differ in each city, performers may include a mix of local and international K-pop, hip-hop, and EDM artists. This year, the festival expands beyond South Korea to include stops in Hong Kong, Japan, Los Angeles, Saudi Arabia, and soon-to-be-announced locations in Europe.

    The 2024 schedule for South Korea:


    5-7: Seoul, South Korea

    13: Jeju, South Korea

    20: Daegu, South Korea

    27: Busan, South Korea


    3: Incheon, South Korea

    10: Daejeon, South Korea

    17: Sokcho, South Korea

    24: Suwon, South Korea

    31: Gwangju, South Korea

    South Korea's WATERBOMB festival

    Seoul, South Korea:

    5th July: Friday

    Yellow Team - Zico, Baekho, Won Jae Woo, Coogie, Chuu and more

    Green Team - Crush, Hwasa, Chungha, HyunA, fromis_9 and more

    6th July: Saturday

    Yellow Team - Changmo, Sunmi, Kiss of Life, Kwon Eun-bi, BIG Naughty, Queen WA$ABII and more

    Green Team - Jay Park, Minho, Yugyeom, Giriboy, Lee Young Ji, UV, SIA JIWOO and more

    7th July: Sunday

    Yellow Team - Taemin, Loco, GRAY, PH-1, YooA, 82MAJOR, HOOK

    Green Team - Simon Dominic, Nayeon, Jessi, WayV, BIBI, Needmorecash, Chi Yeeun, Lee Suji.

    Seoul, South Korea

    Jeju, South Korea

    13th July: Saturday

    Coral Team - HIGHLIGHT, BIBI, Lee Young Ji, Yeeun, Daniel Jikal and more

    Emerald Team - BIG Naughty, TRI.BE, KIK50 and more

    Jeju, South Korea

    Daegu, South Korea

    20th July: Saturday

    Purple Team - Changmo, Kiss of Life, B.I, Kim Seungmin and more

    Yellow Team - GRAY, SISTAR19, Loco, Young Ji, VANNER, KIK50 and more

    Daegu, South Korea

    Busan, South Korea

    27th July: Saturday

    Yellow Team - Simon Dominic, fromis_9, TREASURE, ASH ISLAND, KIK50 and more 

    Green Team - Sunmi, Coogie, Lee Young Ji and more

    Busan, South Korea

    Incheon, South Korea

    3rd August: Saturday

    Orange Team - CRUSH, BIBI, BIG Naughty and more

    Mint Team - Changmo, fromis_9, ASH ISLAND and more

    Incheon, South Korea

    Daejeon, South Korea

    10th August: Saturday

    Olive Team - HIGHLIGHT, Dynamic duo, Coogie, Lee Young Ji and more

    Pink Team - Chungha, Kiss of Life, HUI, Loco, ASH ISLAND and more

    Daejeon, South Korea

    Sokcho, South Korea

    17th August: Saturday

    Blue Team - Crush, Changmo, Kiss of Life and more

    Orange Team - Loco, GRAY, Woo Won Jae and more

    Sokcho, South Korea

    Suwon, South Korea

    24th August: Saturday

    Pink Team - Onew, Hwasa, BIG Naughty, B.I, Kim Seungmin and more

    Green Team - Crush, Loco, GRAY, Lil Boi, Lee Young Ji, KIK50 and more

    Suwon, South Korea