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7 (Seven)

7 (Seven)

3.1 47 Ratings

Directed by : Chandrashekar Shrivastav

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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7 (Seven) Credit & Casting

Chandrashekar Shrivastav

7 (Seven) Audience Review

Depths of depravity, disgust

Rated 0.5 / 5

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infuriates one even more is that the much maligned censor board has conveniently cleared it than refusing to toe the makers line. They may certified it U/A and also ensured several cuts. But that does not pardon them from the onerous responsibility they have to ensure meaningful, yet entertaining, cinemas are what reaches audiences seeking few hours of escapist fare.

Falling and failing in love are part and parcel of life. Further, being aggrieved at having been cleverly and conveniently used like a tissue paper by a girl who wishes to rise in station from the squalor she comes from pretending to love you is fine. However, what director Chandrashekar Srivatsava has done with 7 is unpardonable.

How a had-on lover takes his vengeance on not only the girl who cheated on him but seeks to show society what needs to be done with such two-timing lasses is simply despicable to say the least. Portraying women in dark, shady light and in monochrome, with only bad intentions, one fails to understand what Srivatsava has sought to achieve. Sadly, the film has been made, and one has had to sit and suffer it, atleast for review's sake makes one scream bloody murder and wrenching your hairs in anger. Only God can save audiences and cinema from such trash.

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