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Release Date : | Length : 127 Minutes

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Abhinetri is a drama movie directed by A. L. Vijay and stars Atul Kulkarni in the lead role


“Pooja and Atul steered this 'tragedy of a legend' from an impending tragedy.”

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Atul Kulkarni


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Of tinsel dreams & a doomed sarlet

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Abhinetri, by actress turned producer Pooja Gandhi, who also impressively essays the titular role, is indeed a welcome one. The film, which could have been much, much better, is still, a brave and better fare than the clutter of commercial crass, that one gets to grace, every week.

It shows that the actress, who herself, has had a mixed film career, has taken to an introspective journey, albeit, modeled on the mercurial life of a yesteryear Kannada actress, spotlighting on the wanton ways of the film industry, when it comes to giving a talented woman her due.

Where a nuanced and subtle screenplay would have seen Satish Pradhan's Abhinetri rise notches up on the discerning cinema scale, still, despite its very many shortcomings, the film, turns out a decent watch.

Rather stagey in its emotive drama, the film, however, faithfully, without much fanfare, narrates the tragic tale of a young whit of a small town girl, who reaches the Elysian heights of celluloid stardom, only to bring her own downfall, because of her star status and tantrums.

How, despite, shunning men who lust for her trying to exploit her distress situation to safeguard her modesty, by aching for her those that give her new lease of life at every stage of her fallen moments, she courts her own doom, is told very emotively and understandingly in Abhinetri, though not so engagingly.

The film tends to drag on and on in sections and a better scripting and tighter narrative could have rendered it true art house cinema. Still the film is sure to fetch itself a clutch of State awards for attempting such a clean and brave cinema which eschews all the proverbial pulling of commercial claptrap, except for a song.

While Pooja Gandhi does ample justice to her role of a girl, chasing celluloid dreams, achieving it only to fritter it away by her own follies and misgivings, her Kannada is too northern for comfort. It is actually the seasoned Atul Kulkarni, with his understated and studied performance of the benefactor-director who covets you.

Of course, the rest of the cast too have ensured Abhinetri turns out a decent outing at the theatres this week for film buffs seeking some sensible watch. Yes, go for it and Pooja Gandhi deserves all the support she needs to make a success of a brave attempt.

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