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Directed by : Nanda Kishore

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  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Adhyaksha is a remake version of Tamil superhit movie Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam and it is a romantic comedy entertainer.

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A riotous ride on rustic romance

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Well, what can one say about a film whose sole objective is to provide its audience 143.27 minutes of mirth mixed with moony romance and a tacky twist in its tale. Nothing, but to sit back and forget oneself in the boisterous ballyhoo it invites you in and lustily laugh at the drama it dishes out. Chandreashekar Gowda and his man Friday Narayana are two bosom bucolic buddies whose only pastime is to right the wrong being done by poking their nose in those indulging in it. This, besides, ogling and going gaga at the teacher Kalyani who teaches at the Gejjepura village school for girls. Unable to muster courage to court her directly, our Chandra ensnares her student Aishwaraya as his courier to pass on his amorous messages. Least knowing that the teacher is taking him on a royal ride, while the girl student is slowly taken in by his helpful attitude and having saved her from incurring the wrath of her father, the mustachioed and gun-toting Shivarudre Gowda, the local head with his clutch of cronies. Where does this lead our mischievous mongering beau who has earned the ire of Gowda by his tomfoolery? Will it all well for the love birds? Troop into Adhyaksha to know for yourself. For it is futile to detail its various other digressions which is a potpourri of proverbial fights, songs, and high decibel verbal battle between rival groups. Needless to say, Sharan and Chikkanna regale you with their tomfoolery, while Ravishankar lives the role of the village head and Raksha the petite, cupid struck damsel, whose father is a strict man. Complementing the cacophonous fare is the songs of Arjun Janya which you welcome every now and then when the going gets rather tedious and tacky for comfort. Simply put, enjoy maadi, thamashe nodi (watch the fun), if you are game for a morning of madness to begin your Friday.

Storyline: As old as the hills. Direction: Routine and trademark style. Acting: Everyone revels in their roles. Cinematography: Nothing eye soothing. Music: Hummable and a hit with the audience.

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