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Directed by : Mahesh Sukadhare

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Ambareesha is an action movie directed by Mahesh Sukadhare and stars Darshan in the lead role


“Ambareesha is packed with violent action and drama. Despite having a preachy storyline, strong performances by Darshan and Priyamani and pumpy songs become the saving graces. Strictly for Darshan fans!”

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Mindless mayhem

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Invoking Bengaluru's founder Kempegowda, and donning Kannada filmdom's rebel icon Ambareesh's name, Darshan, the Challenging Star, seeks to take on the realty mafia infesting namma Bengaluru.

The premise may be fine. Given that lately, cities are becoming concrete jungles, with lakes and water bodies turning convenient ground for multi-storied structures rising like Phoenix in the name of providing high lifestyle, premium condominiums.

However, with the film-makers believing that hero wielding the machete is the only way to fight these doughty villains, Ambareesha turns out into another blood-letting, bedlam time at the theatre.

Sadly, in a film packed with action sequences glorifying the machismo of its Challenging Star, everything else goes for a six.

In the end, you, along with avowed audiences of the idol, are left with ear-splitting derring-do drama. Either one sits through and suffers the insane proceedings that go on for 154 minutes.

Else, if wiser counsel prevails, scurry to the nearest exit, if one profess in being rooted in reality and preserve one's sensibility intact.

Only tantalizing twist to an otherwise routine, rancid drama director Mahesh Sukhadare invests is the ego driven rivalry between Priyamani and Darshan which fuels the entire drama to its logical conclusion and the triangular romantic angle in Rachita Ram. A toddling and aged Rebel Star Ambareesh provides his blessing in a song that glorifies Bengaluru's found. Nothing more, nothing less.

Full of political overtones Ambareesha is a fare that may help further Darshan's post-cinema career ambitions, however, for now though, sitting through the migraine inducing film is strictly recommended only for the die-hards.

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