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Arjuna (Kannada)

Arjuna (Kannada)

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Arjuna is a 2015 Indian Kannada crime drama film directed by P. C. Shekar


“A Passable Watch”

Arjuna (Kannada) Credit & Casting

Prajwal Devaraj


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Arjuna (Kannada) Audience Review

Father-Son duo's dynamism

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Trust film makers to provide a decent fare. One that is enjoyable and entertaining. This may be so for the die-hards who worship their screen heroes. For the others though it is tough time sitting through the trash that is foisted as ensemble entertainer.

A regurgitated tale where real life father and son duo of Devaraj and Prajwal, share screen space, Arjuna is your typical action surcharged fare where Prajwal lives to play the role of Arjuna as his audiences lustily cheer and celebrate.

Sprinkled with dollop of murder and mystery, and spiced up with politics and romance, Arjuna treads the familiar trail of an innocent youth caught on the wrong side of the law.

With director P C Shekar emphasising on stylised action and Prajwal game to it, the film is one riotous cauldron of din and delirium of conflicts and their ultimate resolution. Heroine Bhama is just a pretty prop in the proceedings where men go about their business as if there is no tomorrow. Only a true blue fan will rave and rejoice at the film called Arjuna, the rest can seek succour elsewhere.

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