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Release Date : | Length : 153 Minutes

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Bahaddur is an action movie directed by Chethan Kumar and stars Dhruva Sarja in the lead role


“Dhruva Sarja steals the show as the 'Action Price'. With peppy songs, amazing stunts and a solid script, Bahaddur is an entertainer. Watch it.”

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The pumping prince & distressed damsel

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Stalking college going girls to find true love and mouthing platitudes to patao them, even as the distressed lass gives a tongue-lashing, takes a disgusting and deplorable dimension in Bahaddur.

By providing legitimacy to such demeaning pursuits director Chethan Kumar in pursuit of driving home his homily that love marriage should not be at the cost of parental censure, has taken screen romance to its nadir.

Really, it is a wonder how censors allow such sickening scripts to pass under their noses when honestly they should been nipping such obnoxious narratives in the bud and stop such drivel from seeing the light of the day.

In order to ensure that his prince charming, (last royal scion of Mysore - Ashok Raj Bahaddur), he weds the girl he falls in love, director Chethan has crammed his excruciating enterprise with such asinine and atrocious agenda one shudders to think of its repercussions in real life.

Sadly, with neither the heroines, having no qualms from accepting such demeaning roles, nor heroes in playing footsie to such hideous heroics, it is right thinking people like us, and society, at large, who pay the price of their folly.

If only censors put their foot down never giving the rite of passage to films such as Bahaddur, which neither entertain, nor engage, but only corrupt the impressionable, only then societies can breathe easy.

Lest, stalking, eve-teasing, rapes, molestations, will continue, and the police becoming convenient fall guys, though they are not above board, while the perpetrators go about their acts in gay abandon.

Honestly, if the first half of Bahaddur, like Vijay's Simhadri, is about exploiting Dhruva's screen moniker - Action Prince and putting ill at ease Anjali who has pledged to go for arranged marriage, the second half is downhill ride to set first half's wrongs for moral in the message end.

Sadly, Chethan's dubious means can in no way justify the moral note he seeks to arrive at through all possible circuitous route that takes 2 hours 30 minutes of one's precious time at the theatre. This brave heart is no charmer or winner either which way.

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