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An upcoming Indian Kannada crime-thriller film written and directed by Mohan Gowda B. G. It is a fictional exposé of the underworld cousin goons Bethanagere Seena and Bethanagere Shankara who are based in the North Bangalore region called Bethanagere.

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Sumanth Shailendra


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Comrades in rowdyism, rivalry & revenge

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Scripted and directed by Mohan Gowda Bettanagere, the film seeks to present a fictionalised, yet factual account of brothers Shiva and Shekar (in real life Seena and Shankar) who became the scourge of Bettanagere, situated near Nelamangala, North Bangalore, when they took to rowdyism.

Spiced with the familiar filmi songs and romance, which, fortunately is doused midway, besides an item number, the film, in flashback, narrates what led the brothers to take to arms and pursue the wrong side of the law.

Straight-laced, the film would be of curious interest to audiences unfamiliar, as also familiar, with the deadly doings of the infamous brothers, as also of academic interest for students of cinema who seek to study rowdyism in films, specially Kannada films.

Without much fanfare, director Mohan depicts the rise and fall and the turbulent times that the brothers go through before the long arm of the law catches them.

With hardly any acting credentials or for that matter, even technical finesse, the film's only interest is the presence of former cricketer Vinod Kambli, who plays the comical cameo of Junglee, providing one with mirth and masti, with his nefarious doings, as one who brings about the divide and fall between the brothers, from the close confines of the jail.

Otherwise, the film, is humdrum, hackeneyed drama, as dull and dry, hardly having with any entertainment quotient for those seeking fun times at the movies. There you have it. That's that. Rest is your choice.

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