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Directed by : Ravi Raj

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A Kannada film directed by Ravi Raj

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Kishore Kumar


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A rowdy seeks to reform

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One wonders what the director was thinking while making Bheeshma. Neither a rib-tickling comedy, nor a mushy, maudlin romance or even a full-fledged feature that tackles the travails of a rowdy seeking to turn a new leaf is a novel manner.
Bheeshma turns a mish-mash of it all and fails to turn into an entertaining experience. That Sandalwood directors' rumination over the rowdy theme, of which a dime a dozen films have scorching the screen, only brings in a sense of deja vu as one stalks Bheeshma as well. The audience is left with no choice having paid the price but to watch, yawn, or even taken a short snooze, while the film runs through its over two and half hour screen time.
Yes, once again an orphan Bheeshma becomes the right hand man of a rowdy don Ravana, and does his bidding, killing his foes like felling trees, including those who threaten the don that they would expose him. How when cupid strikes and when he is commissioned to kill the CBI perople now investigating the don turned home minister, the rowdy, understanding that Ravana would go to any extent to use him as a convenient tool, has finally a change of heart. Will he be able to survive his stigma as a rowdy in society and how does he tackle the mentor-monster Ravana, forms the crux of Bheeshma. With director Ra viraj lacking in focus and the film any peg to having audiences glued to the happenings, the key players go through their motions in a listless manner. In sum, Bheeshma turns out another rowdy film adding to the scroll of has beens on the subjects.

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