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Bombay Mittai

Bombay Mittai

3.1 258 Ratings

Directed by : Chandra Mohan

Release Date : | Length : 121 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.0/5
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Bombay Mittai is a comedy movie directed by Chandra Mohan and stars Disha Pandey in the lead role

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Disha Pandey


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A ribald romcom romp

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Providing wholesome entertainment is a tricky affair. Attempt to make a winning match of it has seen several directors fall by the wayside like nine pins at a bowling alley. Melding all the elements that film-makers believe go to make a right entertainer - comedy, romance, thriller, cops and chases, is like a chief trying to get the ingredients in right measure.

In that sense one should actually compliment director Chandramohan, who has written, scripted, and directed Bombay Mittai, penning the dialogues as well, for making a successful job of it. Not that Bombay Mittai has not its pitfalls and pinpricks. It has plenty. However, despite all these shortfalls that the script could have safely skimmed over, Bombay Mittai, turns out into a jolly good outing at theatres.

Mind you, one should be prepared for the risque dialogues that are dime a dozen thrown in as a comic play at the feminine autonomy and below the belt, laugh inducing ones that discerning ones are bound to frown upon. Likewise, even the camera plays to the voyeuristic delights of the audiences at it captures the anatomical contours of the film's heroine, though not for long time, before the film picks pace and changes tack.

What is heartening with Chandramohan's Bombay Mittai is, like the sweet savoury both adults and children like to devour with much relish and fervour, the film too is equally entertaining and has one engaged despite all the trite tomfoolery and asinine asides, which you take it with a smirky smile and a pinch of snuff.

The happy thing about Bombay Mittai is that Chandramohan has got the nuances and niceties of what constitutes a fun-filled entertainer right and succeeds in ensuring that it does not overstep the permissible Lakshman-rekha that audiences wouldn't mind. If only Chandramohan had not made it such an adultish comedy than it could have gone well as a fulsome family fare where even the kids have had a hearty laugh with their parents in tow.

If one were to pick on the faultlines of Bombay Mittai is its rather bawdy dialogues, a script which could have been a shade shrewdly attended to, it could have been a discerning winner. In sum, Bombay Mittai may not be great cinema but Chandramohan has got his arthimetic right in terms of what would make for a watchable sum game of rom-com. Enjoymaadi! for Bombay Mittai is a far, far better flick than the fare that is foisted distastefully at audiences who rue their day spoilt by their belief that filmmakers would provide them with a film to enjoy and smile about.

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