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Bullet Basya

Bullet Basya

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A Kannada comedy film directed by Jayatheertha, and stars Sharan and Haripriya in the lead roles.

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Horrendous humour

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Foisting crass and crude comedy, believing it regales, that audiences rejoice and revel in it, has become the norm with Sharan, an actor who is a pox on the profession.

Right from word go risque situations, below the belt bawdy dialogues, gruesome gestures are the nauseating signature trademark with Sharan.

If you have seen one, you have seen it all. Invoking yesteryear actors in the guise of paying homage or being inspired by them, crooning their popular numbers and miming it like a baboon, Sharan simply hounds audiences in hackneyed fashion.

That suffering one avatar of him won't do, in Bullet Basya, he comes in twin forms. One as Basavaraj, taking the film's title, a bumpkin with a bunch of sickening serviles, ogling at the belles and making bawdy banter. The other as Muthu, the innocent imbecile with a heart of gold.

Taking potshots at women in the poorest and pathetic of light, Sharan and director Jayatheertha seek to make amends in the end when the film's female protagonist Kaveri, the butt of their tomfoolery and sexist thamasha, turns the Kali to put Bullet Basya in place.

One only wishes censors as a quorum strike down such vapid ventures than pass them on with censor certificates which are nothing but corruptive influence on susceptible audiences than provide well meaning entertainment. Even His Almighty cannot save such cinemas.

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