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Directed by : M. Saravanan (Director)

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A Kannada action film directed by M. Saravanan


“Chakravyuha will entertain and engross the loyal cinegoer.”

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Rachita Ram

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Style scores over substance

Rated 3.0 / 5

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This is one film that even staunch opponents of remakes in Sandalwood would not grudge. Such is the mesmerising power and panache of M Saravanan's fluently executed Chakravyuha.
Cleverly blending technical gloss in all department to dress up an otherwise oft told, familiar, fetid plot, Saravanan ensures a magical meld of admirable acting and snazzy screenplay in ensuring Chakravyuha comes across as novel and nifty narrative, while, if one were to sift the gloss and glitz, the chaff is all time-tested formulaic tale, nothing new, nothing better.
Having said that one must give it to Saravanan for infusing a certain newness into Kannada movie and one can expect his debut could turn into a stepping stone to a successful career in Gandhinagar cinema.
Trying to awaken the conscience of the citizen into positive action against the corrupt regimes that play on the psyche of the people's inability to fight back, Sarvanan's Chakravyuha subtly sounds the bugle to viewers to goad themselves into affirmative action if they are not to be taken for granted by the State and its self-seeking minions.
Like a vigilante who comes to the rescue of the harassed citizens is Lohit, otherwise an engineer, goaded into fighting back in the only way the corrupt know. Beat them black and blue and push them into a corner to accept their crimes and pay for it. Puneeth Rajkumar plays to the hilt as the man stirred into action after witnessing the horrifying deeds of the corrupt law minister. How he takes on the minister and his brother who rule the roost forms the fulcrum of Chakravyuha. In between you have him stalked by a besotted beauty admiring his Captain Courageous acts.
Go without expectations and emerge out pleasantly surprised by the Saravanan package that is sure to be the talk of the town. Yes, Chakravyuha is a pure play entertainer and notches above the weekly thrash that are foisted in the belief they entertain and engross the loyal cinegoer.

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