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Charlie (Kannada)

Charlie (Kannada)

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An action movie directed by Shiva


“Charlie is a passable effort”

Charlie (Kannada) Credit & Casting

Sunil Nagappa


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Charlie (Kannada) Audience Review

A romance bathed in blood

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Working on the premise there is more to being friends than falling in love, writer, scripter and director Shiva tried to drum in the homily youth should think beyond love is blind philosophy.

Having chiseled his combustive story well in the first half, Shiva makes it a retching affair in the second where blood and bodies fill the screen.

There-in lies the niggly nub of an otherwise engaging and enjoyable Charlie whose principal players do an honest job of their roles and covet you with their sincerity getting into the skin of their respective characters.

Given that films are primarily intended to provide the leg up for an aspiring actor, Shiva too populates his pedestrian plot with as much action and violence leading to painting the screen red.

Instead of a nuanced and neatly knit cupid caper, Shiva goes ballistic in the second half bathing his Charlie in cataclysmic rivalry and nauseating climax.

There are glimpses of fine technical finesse, as also few feet tapping songs, apart from the principal actors' role play, which keeps the audience engaged.

In the end, instead of an wholesome entertainer Shiva turns Charlie into a routine rancid blood reeking saga of realty mafia, rowdyism and needless machismo of the hero, without which itself the film would have seen a decent run at the theatres. Sad!

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