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Devaranaadalli is a drama movie directed by B Suresh and stars Prakash Raj in the lead role

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Prakash Raj


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Of romance and love jihad

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Loosely inspired by real life incidents, B Suresha weaves a romantic tale set against Kinara college campus, touching upon issues thrown up by the incidents.

However, Suresha, turns his Deveranadinalli into shallow and sloppy cupid caper, than subtle, sensitive drama.

By concentrating on jejune romance between Shankara Shetty, tongue-tied to express his love, and Savitha, brave beauty, who teases and taunts Shankara, Suresha brushes aside important issues as convenient sub-text to further his main track.

A bomb blast at college premises sets off Suresh's Devaranadinalli, which, in course of 106 minutes, skims through political rivalry, citizen's protest, like in recent Ricky, over SEZ project, Hindu fanaticism, class-caste divide, moral policing, turning out exercise in futility than engaging entertainer.

Needless comedy, songs, puerile police procedures, poorly sketched drama and business bonhomie between businessman Padmakara Shetty and CM Manjoo Naika, sees Deveranadinalli done in with its overt emphasis on box office than nuanced commentary on affairs that rocked Mangaluru.

With these as perfunctionary sub-text, Suresha, belies expectations. Even performances are mediocre. Sad! A sore let down.

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