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2.9 218 Ratings

Directed by : Vijay Hampali

Release Date : | Length : 140 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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DK is an action drama movie directed by Vijay Hampali and stars Prem in the lead role

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Shocking & stupefying show

Rated 0.5 / 5

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Produced by wife Rakshita, and enacted by husband Prem, DK is a film that bashes your brain to pulp. That things can touch such depths of depravity in a vehicle to showcase hubby Prem's prowess and the producer-wife has no qualms about it, speaks of insidious levels films can touch to earn moolah back.

With nothing of value or sensible cinema to write about it, it is better that DK is left to disappear without trace the sooner from the screens before it can corrupt any further audiences other than the first day goers.

Loud, ludicrous, director Vijay Hampali, in trying to lampoon today's politics and politicians, only makes it miserable time at the theatres for saner elements who still have a modicum of sensibility left in them.

Base and bawdy as it can be DK, which bespeaks of a verbal and vituperative battle between a smitten and vengeful belle and an uncouth, distasteful village dandy, is a festering film which should not have even passed the censor's hawk eyes. That it has is indeed a sorry state of affairs.

Crude and base, than comic and cheery, DK leaves one so filled with loath, that you rush home to take a shower to cool your ravaging tempers. Even a sizzling item number by Sunny Leone, nor some sensuous sashaying ensemble by Chaitra Chandranath, who raves and rants as a scorned siren, fails to lift you from the morass of misery you are driven into by the drivel DK foists on you.

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