Ee Dil Helidhe Ni Bekanthaa

Ee Dil Helidhe Ni Bekanthaa

2.9 55 Ratings

Directed by : K.T.M. Srinivasa

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“Ee Dil Helide Ni Bekanthaa's script is completely illogical. Boring screenplay, amateur direction and poor performances make the movie worse. Give it a miss!”

Ee Dil Helidhe Ni Bekanthaa Credit & Casting

Avinash Narasimha Raju


Ee Dil Helidhe Ni Bekanthaa Audience Review

Dil pays the bill

Rated 1.0 / 5

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A jobless good Samaritan Myna (Avinash) loses his phone while helping a person involved in an accident. The girl Priya (Sri Shruthi) finds the phone and decides to return it if the owner of the phone calls. When he realizes his phone is lost, he calls his own number and they both get speaking. They have not seen each other and speak to each other under fake names and the monkeying around goes on and on until the pressure to get married hits both of them in their respective homes.The girl decides she will get engaged to the man of her parents' choice but will die in half hour of getting married. The boy's parents also arrange his wedding in a few days' time and the phone lovers don't know what to do.

Then starts a series of stupid, illogical events and somehow all the characters do one stupid thing after the other. The screenplay is very boring, acting is sub-standard and very loose direction.

The songs are the only saving grace. I heard groans and yawns in the theatre, what was amazing is that people didn't bother quietening themselves.

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