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Directed by : Imran Sardhariya

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Endendigu is a film based on the story of Savitri and Satyavan but presented in a modern way. It is all about love and commitment between a couple and their life. The story emphasises that a man or a woman is totally incomplete without the other.

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Ajay Rao


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Sati and her pati

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India, and the world, may be in digital age. Bangalore, the cyber Capital. We may be in 21st Century. But try understanding the rocket science of romance in Indian cinema. You are bound to go mad and be admitted to Nimhans. It is as simple as that.

For, how can one explain a moth eaten script by Jayatheertha, and not be roiled by it. The premise of his puerile logic being that blind belief and bhakti, like Sati Savithris of yore, can keep death at bay, and the devout wife save her husband from God Yama, by sheer dint of her unsullied love.

That debutant director Imran Sardhariya thought it befitting to drive this drivel from distant Sweden where the asinine drama is enacted is even more incongruous and insufferable.

That he deems it fit to have Swedish villains and make others look as villainous in order to extol the heroics of his hamming hero and hammer his homily, is the sheer heights of madness.

As the much-married couple jet into Sweden the wife is visited by poltergeist type premonitions that death is waiting to snatch her husband away. Neither an eerie Sixth Sense thriller a la Manoj Night Shymalan nor an enjoyable, entertaining crappy romance, Endendigu is simply the pits.

This despite the pretty presence of doe-eyed Radhika Pandit who is the film's only excuse to sit through its short (120 minutes) but stifling nonsense. As you exit you only wail aloud where was the need to go through such torturous twists and turns to tell a simple tale of love and romance? God save cinema.

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