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Ganapais based on an incident in Bengaluru's underworld. The film takes a realistic approach, not on rowdyism, but on people affected by it.

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    Style scores, substance suffers

    Rated 3.5 / 5

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    Sandalwood cinema of Bengaluru's Gandhinagar seems never to graduate beyond the done to death insufferable subject of rowdyism.

    Spotlighting on the seamy underbelly of a City, once Pensioner's Paradise, now gone to the seed, film after film, seek to strike pay dirt with their own punctilious portrayal of a City, where only ruthless riff-raffs, ruffians and demonic Dons rule the roost.

    Appropriately named Tyre, Ganapa's tyrant is a hulky, hungry lout with Herculean prowess who would do anyone's bidding for his two full meals of the day and two movies in a week.

    Violent, vituperative, vindictive but visually stunning, Prabhu Srinivas ensures that despite the sense of nausea you feel about the Ganapa's trite theme you are yet held in a thrall by the man's sense of craft.

    If only Prabhu Srinivas, who forays into action flick for the first time, after flurry of romantic sojourns had ensured creativity and sensitivity scored over crass, commercial dynamics and rendered Ganapa an absolute winner with the discerning.

    Still, stunningly photographed, cleverly sliced, niftily narrated, Prabhu Srinivas & Co ensure Ganapa is a triumph of style, chutzpah, than esoteric, engaging cinema. May be Ganapa, if not for the pulls and pressures of the money bag called producer was left in the capable hands of Prabhu Srinivas could have turned out a nuanced, neat film that what it turns out now.

    This is not to discount Ganapa's merit as it is and which is much better product than some of the films that just rankles your sensitive nerves.

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