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The Great Story of Sodabuddi

The Great Story of Sodabuddi

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Directed by : Jothirao Mohit

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  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Kannada film directed by Jothirao Mohit


“No fizz in this soda”

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Uthpal Gowda


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No fizz in this soda

Rated 2.5 / 5

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A film by technicians goes the final credit as debutant director Joyti Rao Mohit's The Great Story of a Soda Budi draws to a close. Inspired by several genres of film making Mohit, turns his aspirational film into a medley of movie styles - romance, comedy, horror, noir, what have you, as he weaves a time-tested and told a thousand times love tale.
In keeping with the new trends in Sandalwood cinema, director Mohit ensures Soda Budi socks and shocks you right in the face. Especially the film's dialogues which are bold, brash and in everyday below the belt lingo of the GenX. Cleverly dividing his film into two separate tracks, in that, narrating two different love stories before and after interval, director Mohit with his twist in climax leaves audiences dumbfounded.
The films needs lots of patience to sit through as the film's three protagonists, all debutants, play their roles with promising panache, except that director Mohit has sought to give a new style of narrative to a routine romance saga.
While director Rohit shows that he well schooled in the various genres of film making or inspired by them, his quintessential flaw is that he has made the film tad tedious and tough to sit through and rendering his entire drama into mundanity. A much more deft and thought had been put into a polished screenplay would have worked wonders for the film. Even a discerning viewer has to squirm and fight away the sense of ennui that the film takes one through.
Despite its songs, background score, cinematography, editing and direction trying to make the grade, the film would have coveted one if it was a neat and nifty 90 minutes than 154 minutes that it is now. In the end one wonders whether such elaborate engagement was necessary to showcase one's interest in cinema and knowledge as well. Still one can dare to take the test and experience what The Great Story of a Soda Budi is all about.

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