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Half Mentlu

Half Mentlu

2.5 465 Ratings

Directed by : Lakshmi Dinesh

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  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Kannada film directed by Lakshmi Dinesh

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Mad as a hatter

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Sandalwood directors it seems are given to the belief that stalking is part of romance. That the girl in pursuit would finally cave in to the constant attention of the besotted beau if he persists in following her come rain or sunshine.

Sadly such depictions of romance only corrupt the impressionable minds of the common cine goer who tries to mimic art in real life and pays the penalty either with the victim of unwarranted attention having a go at him or the long arm of the law providing lessons in decency in public.

This debutant directorial essay by Lakshmi Dinesh follows the tried and tested formula of films that have hit the screens in the past and provides one only a sense of deja vu and leaves you exasperated at what is passed off in the name of entertainment.

So you have this half mental, instead of being ministered in the lunatic asylum, hot in pursuit of a girl he bumps into and goes mad in the belief she is made for him. This innate sense of self belief sees him breaking into songs and ruminating and dreaming about what life would be with the girl much to the chagrin of the person.

Needless to say the film runs on like a rudder-less boat teasing one's patience as you sit and suffer to find out whether the girl reciprocates in kind or this romance is headed for the tragic consequences.

Being inspired by real life experiences is one thing. Also bringing it on to the screen needs a lot of homework and honesty to bring conviction into the narrative. Lacking in both, Half Mentalu turns out an abject exercise in futility which neither entertains nor engages one in its proceedings. Stay away.

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