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“Avoid this Jackson to save your brain from being jacked up!”

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Duniya Vijay


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Watch it and you are Jacked-Son!

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Wait, Iam still counting the numerous threads in the movie and wondering which one to start about. So there is Duniya Vijay (Jackson), who gets this name because people of Karnataka apparently cannot say Javare Gowda! The journey to illogical, substandard movie starts here. Jackson is madly in love with Kumuda (Pavana) and her father opposes the same. Her father calls in erstwhile don Annayya (Rangayana Raghu) to get Jackson out of the way. In another parallel story there is Abhi and his girlfriend who play cat and mouse all the time. Then there are two supari killers who are out on an assignment. Meanwhile, in other parts of the city, there is murder in the bar, two road accidents involving a pregnant woman and lots of drunken driving without helmets.

How the story unfolds and ends is something not worth knowing. Duniya Vijay looks much better than he did in Simhadri. He has totally wasted his time and talent (if any) on this project, it is said that he did not take any remuneration for this project, but least he could have done is checked if there is a script. The two women - Pavana and Aishwarya have no roles to play and are there only for the songs. Arjun Janya's music is disappointing and director Sanath Kumar has a whole mile to go before thinking of anything else.

I hope the only iconic Jackson we all know doesn't turn in his grave knowing how and where his name has been used.

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