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Jai Bajrangbali

Jai Bajrangbali

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Jai Bajrangbali is an action movie directed by Ravi Verma Gubbi and stars Ajay Rao in the lead role


“A below average movie made likeable by good performances from the lead cast. ”

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Ajay Rao


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Jai Bajrangbali Audience Review

Dreary, déjà vu

Rated 0.5 / 5

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High on ambition, low on execution, that's director Ravivarma Gubbi's Jai Bajrangbali for you, which, woefully falters failing to scale up to even modest expectations.

So much so, you feel that, the film, which was in the cans for nearly three years, had been consigned in the backburner and frozen till Ravivarma saw better clarity in his cinematic approach.

The sparks are there. But these are not sufficient to light up the otherwise dismal, done to death plot, into an elevating, entertaining experience.

One other thing that does the film in, is it is a shade too long in sustaining audiences' interest in the dreary drama that pans out.

The story being no great shakes, scripting too suffers a similar fate, in that, there is not much Ravivarma can delineate to make Jai Bajrangbali a product he himself could be proud of.

Sadly it is not. Spiced up with proverbial potboiler elements Jai Bajrangbali, offends the sensibilities failing to scale the heightened expectations of even a much modest, easy to please movie-goer.

With action taking the better of romance, even songs, which would provide soothing balm, turn out tad trying, this strangely by a producer, who is a famed composer.

Suffering from several pitfalls, Ravivarma's Jai Bajrangbali, can be safely given the miss and won't make one any loser in the process of having done so.

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