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Directed by : Pawan Wadeyar

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Indian Kannada romantic comedy film written and directed by Pawan Wadeyar and produced by Kanakapura Srinivas & Srikanth.


“Besotted wraith, bewitched beauty”

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Besotted wraith, bewitched beauty

Rated 1.0 / 5

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The mandrains of Gandhinagar, Karnataka's Sandalwood film folks, it seems are now fascinated with romance tinged with elements of horror. Thereby giving viewers a double dhamaka. The industry seems to be in this new found phase of phantoms and damsels caught in cupid convoluted conundrum. Joining the bandwagon of beauty and the stalking sprites is this week's Jessie.
Once again if the first half of the film is soaked in romance with two ear pleasing songs, the second half is all about spooking the audience as well as the heorine as the unrequited ghost goes about stalking her and giving one and all the nightmares.
One uninterestedly watches the drama unfold where Dr Nandhini starts with a dark date with death. Unable to save her friend's brother, she is spooked that her first day in office ends in such dismal beginning. Then on, as she visits the desolated Hanuman temple atop the Honange Hill, to ward off the evil influence, another appears in the form of Jessie with one point agenda - I Love You, so say you too love me. As the poor, homily, lass says I love you too with this romance maker does she learn he is in fact a devil in cupid's guise who has been stalking her.
So off she is married to Oz returned techie Shyam. But then trust the love sick sprite to leave her and hubby in peace. No ways. As the guilt ridden girl suffers so too the audiences till the arrival of Aslam Khan the man who is an expert in exorcising the troublesome, now vengeful ghost. So there you have it. The ghost is rid, the guilt is effaced and the marriage on the rocks is back to normal.
So if your game for a tryst with a ghost and guilt ridden girl then Jessie is your best bet for a noon siesta at the theatres.

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