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Just Madveli

Just Madveli

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Directed by : Kolar Seena

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When marriage goes haywire! Just Madveli is a refreshing family entertainer which is about the events that occur during a marriage. The story revolves around the hero Santosh, who plays a videographer. He is assigned the job to cover the events of a marriage. What unfolds there is the crux of the story. It is filled with mem...more

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Pathetic and pedestrian

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Aspiring for a celluloid career is fine. But having the money and where-withal is not enough. A workable script, well-knit storyline, acting talent, among others are also necessary pre-requisites. However, trust this to be understood by those whose desire to make or break it at all cost overriding the other essentials in making a successful movie career.

Just Madveli offers itself as a case study where mere intent won't suffice but other factors too need to be considered before imposing oneself on unsuspecting audiences and hoping they would buy whatever thrash is thrust on them.

Harish Kumar, who plays the film's protagonist Santosh, is primarily a racer, who has produced the film launching himself in the pivotal role. Sadly, the racer does not have it in him that would have audiences swooning over his screen persona.

Though Harish claims he has gone through the grind - acting, assisting in direction, learning the ropes of production, the whole gamut, Just Madveli, does not speak for it, coming across as a pathetically done pedestrian pastiche.

The film has us believe that the videographer, given to playing puerile pranks at the customers, providing them with sleaze DVDs instead of their marriage DVDs they had commissioned, and who needs a thorough makeover at a good saloon, will have audiences rooting for him.

On assignment to a wedding in Mangalore, now Mangaluru, the stars-in-the-eyes beau flips for Nandini, who we learn later is the bride, and not happy about her prospects of wedded bliss with the rakish lout Rudra. How our videographer Santosh tries to become the Rainmaker and bring sunshine into Nandini's life even as he and his assistants go through the charade of filming the entire ceremony in the run up to the wedding and thereafter, forms its fulcrum.

Sadly, though Just Madveli, does once a while tickles your funny bones, at the goings-on, the film's emphasis is more on bawdy and jejune jokes, below the belt dialogues, and more importantly show the prowess of the beefy Harish, than turn an ensemble entertainer. That a fight amidst thunder and lightning and pouring rain sets the stage for the silly story and equally enervating script to follow bespeaks of where Just Madveli is headed.

As a result, except having feasted one's eyes on the fetching and well-endowed Deepa Gowda decked up like a high street mannequin, you leave the auditorium furious at day so wasted and its aftermath of hangover in the form of head-splitting ache.

Suffice to say Just Madveli can be best left for Harish to moon over his own production, while you catch up with a real wedding of a friend or relative which would be much more fruitful meeting up with lost long friends rounded off with a sumptuous lunch.

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