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KA (Kannada)

KA (Kannada)

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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“Ka's silly sloppy script was made worse by its terrible performances. ”

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Mahesh Bung


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Vacuous Valentine vaudeville

Rated 0.5 / 5

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A film, which would have found some empathy and favour, on February 14, sadly precedes the day by nearly two months. Trying to weave a weft of Valentine stories on chilly December month, director Sai Prakash has indeed taken a big gamble.

The gamble would have brought in the bonanza had his flick been really great. People with a potpourri of cupid struck couples and situations, Ka, has nothing really to crow about. It turns out into a blighted, dismal show, which, would have been better consigned to the cans.

With newcomers playing the assortment of love-lorn youth, Sai's Ka, is a such an fetid fare, you wonder where do directors get their inspiration and the financial muscle to wreak such agony on the audiences.

The silly, sloppy script, is as rank bad as the newcomers playing the the parts. The film runs like an advertisement for a serious of shorts announcing the forthcoming TV serials than a well made entertaining, engaging cinema.
Writing any further on such a disbelievable and uncaring film is giving the makers a legitimacy they really do not deserve having taken the audiences for a right royal ride.

If only the energies of the aspiring assortment of star cast was put to good philanthrophic use the money spend on the vapid film would have earned them some goodwill and brownie points on Judgement Day.
To put it plainly, shun Ka with a bargepole, this raven ridden tomfoolery is not worth the wallet or the ticket at the theatres.

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