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Khushi Khushiyagi

Khushi Khushiyagi

3.3 148 Ratings

Directed by : Yogi G Raj

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  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Khushi Khushiyagi is a comedy movie directed by Yogi G Raj and stars Ganesh in the lead role


“Sandalwood kickstarted 2015 on a pleasant note with Khushi Khushiyagi. Impressive performances, beautiful cinematography and capturing music, makes it a worthwhile watch.”

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Routine romantic ride

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Will reel romance ever tread a different trail? Trust me. They don't. Contrived and cliched, they rarely deviate from the beaten track. Why would they? Given that the star has an image, and a loyal following, it would be foolhardy for film makers to knead a sensible script.

Burnishing it with cosmetic touches, directors foist the same old formulaic fare at an audience that neither demands nor seeks to be discerning.

With these two in tandem who are we, as critics or reviewers, to play spoilsport. We dare not nor even if we try to, are we heard and heeded to. We would only be deluding oneself if we did so.

Also even if Sandalwood mandarins cry hoarse about remakes, who listens to them? At least not film makers who nonchalantly go about their business thumbing nose at the detractors, for, after all, it is moolah that finally matters. Fie upon originality.

So, welcome Khushi Khushiyaagi, a 151 minute, mindless, mundane riotous ride into madness as Golden Star Ganesh and Amulya, seek to whip up screen magic to make it a hat-trick for the pair.

Varnished with all proverbial, potpourri stuff - comedy, action, fights, romance and songs against malls and multiplexes, and sylvan settings, director Yogi G Raj hopes, even as he purveys a romance, as it rides the Tsunamic wave, the audience would also pay attention to the homily he tries to thrust in through his dialogues.

With Khushi Khushiyaagi not any different from similar cupid capers of the past, as reviewer, you shrug and watch the tomfoolery, while the audiences, a bit high, literally, hoot, whistle and go gaga at the trite saga. Even as you laud at the self-belief of the makers that it would set the cash registers ringing, you exit wondering at your own expectancy that entertainment would be engaging and meaningful.

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