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Directed by : Venkatesh Dixit

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Kannada film directed by Venkatesh Dixit


“Either ignore or suffer ”

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Kiran Gowda


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Atrocious assault

Rated 0.5 / 5

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Have money, make a movie. Audiences and their expectations may simply go to hell. Driven by this dictum, Venkatesh Dikshith, who also essays the prime role in Kollegalla foists one of most atrocious films one can ever think of. It makes one wonder how the censors could even sit through the delirious tosh in order to certify it.

Having said that Kollegalla, which revolves around three notorious scums who rules the roost in the City-town, and their infantile infatuations with their childhood mate Kaveri, paints the screen in gory red.

Once again machhu, langu, knifes and chisels dominate every frame of Kollegalla as the trio loot and lynch as a means of livelihood. Actually there is absolutely no point in describing the deleterious, disgusting plot that Dikshith outlines in Kollegalla and that one had to sit and suffer right through its 146 minutes to help audiences to shun it with a bargepole is a Heculean feat.

That one did not head for the lunatic asylum but retained a semblance of sanity to pen these few words is thanks to merciful divinity. Sheer torture and sickening Kollegalla should not have been passed through the censors in the first place. That it has gone through the first filter it is time audiences give it a fitting reply by scoffing at its nonsense.

The film's trailer should itself suffice to give them the necessary statutory warning as to what it portends for them lest they be adventurous enough to troop in at a theatre near their town. Either ignore or suffer should you not care for this piece of advice.

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