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Krishna Leela

Krishna Leela

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Krishna Leela is a drama movie directed by Shashank and stars Ajai Rao in the lead role

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Ajay Rao


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Fun filled ruminative romantic caper

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Shashank's Krishna Leela, as its eponymous tile seeks to indulge its audiences in through the lover pair playing the titular roles, turns out an interesting, insightful and indulgent outing at the movies.

Sure, Shashank's film is no great shakes or any different from the routine romantic sagas that are foisted on audiences to regaSe them. However, Shashank's Krishna Leela is two notches better than the trite trash that audiences get to see and makes for engaging and ensemble entertaining watch.

Needless to say the cupid caper is all about how an innocuous missed call by a naive and virginal Leela on the verge of adulthood with all the mischief intended, to a much-harried yet kindly school ferrying cabbie Krishna turns out totally different for both forms the fulcrum of Krishna Leela.

However, what sets Krishna Leela apart from similar romantic filmi sojourns is the down-to-earth realistic presentation of the blossoming of romances, the situations that dictate its tumultuous course, the disparate family situations of both the boy and girl which catalyse it, all make the film a breezy, bright entertainer.

Shashank also subtly drives the homily on how domestic violence and alcoholism at homes are driving today's youth to seek solace in some kindly souls who can share each other's misfortune and how today's modern day mobile driven world, cupid can happen in the most unseen of situations.

Inspired by a real life incident, though Shashank has indeed compromised on several fronts to pander suit to the first day first show and Ajai Rao's audiences, still, Krishna Leela, played gloriously by the lead pair Ajai Rao and Mayuri and complemented by the rest of the cast, makes for a wonderful weekend family outing at the movies and multiplexes. Go for it and return refresh as also ruminating on how things are going at one's own home. Yes folks, be engaged, educated and entertained, all at once. That's Krishna Leela for you and kudos to Shashank for his enterprising effort.

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Krishna Leela