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Krishna Rukku

Krishna Rukku

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Kannada romance film written and directed by Anil Kumar and produced by Uday K. Mehta. It stars Ajay Rao and Amulya in the lead roles


“A Rustic romance full of playful banter”

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Ajay Rao


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Rustic romance full of playful banter

Rated 2.5 / 5

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This modern day Krishna Rukmini romance set in the sylvan and serene Chikamagaluru village seeks to drum home few homilies couched in its mushy romance. As to whether the folks it is intended get the message is moot. However, Anil Kumar's honest attempt at entertaining as also subtly educating audiences that romances do not mean elopment makes for interesting watch.
Ofcourse, there is nothing new in the way Anil Kumar has scripted his homily hidden cupid caper except that he has tried to infuse a bit of realistic drama into the village vaudeville he weaves. What Anil Kumar could have done was eschewed the fights and domestic violence stuff which would have made it even more wholesome fare.
As ever Ajai Rao plays Krishna, it being his pet peevee in films being name Krishna, and goes about his job with familiar ease. Amulya as the naive and natty Rukmini does a competent job. What makes Krishna Rukmini further bearable despite its familiar routine is it is acceptably short of 132 min duration. Given that there are many romances lighting up the Sandalwood screens lately one could take a chance with as Ajai given that his romances have been doing well at boxoffices.

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