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Love In Mandya

Love In Mandya

2.7 104 Ratings

Directed by : Arasu Anthare

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  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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“Backed with noteworthy performances and a catchy songs, re-live falling in love. ”

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Sindhu Lokanath


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Mandya madness

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Songs are its salvation. Sans the songs Love in Mandya is one downhill ride into risque and crass comedy. Sadly, despite depicting cinematic sense, director Arasu Anthare renders his love tale into one torrid time at the theatres.

Arasu, in fact, shows sparks of style and panache in his storytelling. However, the same sensibility has not been invested in the loony love tale that reeks in mediocrity and turns out into a murderous mayhem in the end.

Apart from its songs, what actually cavots you, as a discerning viewer, is its crisp and short screen time. Thanks to these two elements Love in Mandya is a bearable watch. If not, Sateesh Ninasam's Mandya express speeds up on its familiar trail nothing novel at all.

What further foils one is the parallel tracks of juvenile romance it seeks to build in Sateesh's Man Friday who drools at every young lass he sets his sights upon.

In sum, Love in Mandya, turns out a golden opportunity, lost in the myriad demands of box office economics, when much more subtle and deft direction could have rendered it into a cinema embellished with necessary panache.

That Anthare has taken on one too many roles on himself, story, screenplay, dialogues, besides direction tellingly shows and proves the dictum too many cook spoil the broth. From Love in Mandya to murder in Hosur, the film, sails into soporific fare than an engaging, enterprising entertainer. Sad!

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