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Love U Alia

Love U Alia

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A romantic coming-of-age tale. The film is produced by Magic Cinema and stars V. Ravichandran and Bhoomika Chawla in the lead roles.


“A one-time watch ”

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V. Ravichandran


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Spectacle of romance, recrimination, reconciliation

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Indrajit Lankesh is a showman. Like his protagonist Ravi, aka director Ravichandran. His films are a spectacle and surreal that comprise of spectacular songs, crass comedy, laced with a dash of homily to drive home.

Using his heroines as bimbettes, Indrajit snares his audiences into the soporific drama that he unfolds in the 145 mins of the film's run time.

Running on familiar terrain like his earlier works, Love U Alia, touches upon the modern day marital ailment of egoism and professional id that drive couples to divorces.

Trying to be the Rainmaker in the life of one such couple, Indrajit's young hero who falls for the elfin charms of a petite airhostess, who incidentally is the couple's daughter, tries to worm his way into the parents' hearts like he does with the heroine and also bring about reconciliation between the estranged couple.

Shot sumptuously, with songs aplenty and ample skin show, with his heroines in the skimpiest haute couture wear, below the belt crass comedy, Indrajit seeks to lull his audiences into a make belief world he weaves wondrously.

Making no qualms about his intended objective of reaping riches at the box office Indrajit, despite trying to make a meaningful movie, tires his audiences with the tomfoolery and thamasha into his theme. That Bollywood's new sensation Sunny Leone kicks off Love U Alia's date with a raunchy number should speak of the film's target audience.

Whether they buy it or leave Love U Alia to its fate, the week will tell. For, despite its technical polish the film turns out rather hollow and humdrum despite the rich array of star cast the director has managed to rope in.

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