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Directed by : S Mahender

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When women wage war

Rated 2.5 / 5

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She may be rotund. She may not be your proverbial lissome lass one would swoon, slurp and drool over as she looms large over the screen. However, this female Arnod Schwarzenegger of Gandhinagar filmdom, is one you cannot simply wish away. And she has as loyal a fan following as Schwarzenegger and has the build and biceps that would beat to pulp the werewolf in men who look at women for wanton sport.

Yes, she is back. Sandalwood's only Lady Superstar aka Malashri. This time around taking the divine deliverer and most menacing form of Devi. Playing the titular role to perfection, Malashri and her foursome fair maidens, each with a traumatic past of their own, ensure they drum sense into sick men to respect women and admire them for their due.

With Malashri as Mahakali going about smiting every disgusting man to smithereens audience have only to sit in awe, wolfishly whistle at her pyrotechnics, given the girth she bears, and admit she is a women who packs a punch, that will put to same her co-male stars who grace the screen essaying similar Godly prowess.

Like her kayos and kicks, her dialogues too are a meaty mouthful fusillade, and its full entertainment while Malashri and her deadly didis go about dishum-dishum putting menfolk into the rightful path and taking on them like there is no tomorrow.

Mahakali is that kind of pure brawny putsch and pedestrian cinema made to regale audiences even as the message is delivered subtly. As to whether they assimilate the larger intent or are swayed by the high decibel adrenaline driving dramaturgy that is dished out is one almighty guess. Still it gives the kicks to watch a woman provide full paisa vasool on her own terms and there are still directors like S Mahendra and producers like Ramesh Kashyap betting their moolah on the muscle maiden going by the name of Malashri, the power puff maam who packs a punch.

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