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Male Nilluvavarege

Male Nilluvavarege

2.9 78 Ratings

Directed by : S Mohan

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  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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The film is a thriller centred around an incident that takes place one night. The film is an adaptation of the English play - Deadly Game, written in the 1960s.

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Dr N S Mohan


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Monsoon madness

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Inspired by the English play Deadly Game and performed in Kannada eons ago, Mohan has sought to transpose it onto celluloid with a tangy twist and take of his own. While one cannot fault Mohan on this score what, however, roils one is the distasteful and disgusting manner, Mohan has reworked its theme to cater to the baser instincts of audiences.

Unspeakably falling short of being called a soft porn flick, where Mohan makes the most of his one man enterprise into ensuring his aspiring heroine sheds her clothes every time her director demands so, Male Nilluvavarege, bespeaks of how the proverbial infamous couch syndrome that the industry is famous for.

Actually with an ensemble seasoned actors who do deliver their best though at times they ham more than necessary Male Nilluvavarege could have turned out into an interesting psychological thriller wherein the protagonist is plagued by a guilty past.

Where a nuanced and more subtle scripting and delectable direction was necessary Mohan safely has adopted the risque and routine approach to render Male Nilluvavarege into a despicable downpour that one wishes would stop even before it has begun.

Looming large in every frame of his one man flick, Mohan makes it an insufferable experience for the audience who expect at least a modicum of entertainment and passable time at the theatres for the money they have shelled to expect so. But that's not to be. In sum, Male Nilluvavarege presents itself as a fine example of how to not make a movie and play on the moods and monies of unsuspecting audiences who look to film-makers to give them paisa vasool entertainment.

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