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Male meaning rain, is an Indian Kannada language romantic comedy film directed by Tejas


“A Entertaining watch”

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Prem Kumar


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A vapid venture

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Film makers are fond of couching their homilies while trying to tell an entertaining tale. However, with Male, director A R Shiva Tejas, somewhat achieves the first, but woefully fails in the second.

Male has an interesting premise. It revolves around a no-nonsense beauty who will brook no besotted beau trying to get fresh with her spouting love.

So far fine. However, in the absence of a neat and nifty narrative that will help hold the audience's attention, Male, becomes an a badly executed exercise in ennui and enervation.

Sadly, even the comic streak provided to the entire concept, does not help in saving the film which is a mish-mash of the genre and looks quite familiar to an earlier one that was on the same theme.

For, while investing his heroine with all the cheekiness and smartness to show she is no pushover, the director seeks to convey the message that today's girls are wise to the ways of the wily lover boys, he, is however, unable to let the message sink as the film has nothing to hold it.

Of course, one does not except logic in the film's scheme of things. But atleast there should be some method in the madness, which does not show in Male.

In sum, those wanting to drench themselves in the monsoon of mushy romance are left rueing a ruined day. Even the sumptuously shot film and perky acting by the actress fails to light up an otherwise dark and gloomy show.

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