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2.8 46 Ratings

Directed by : K Nanjunda

Release Date : | Length : 139 Minutes

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A romantic comedy for today`s generation! Melody is a youth and family entertainer that appeals to both the young out-going generation who want entertainment every second of what they watch and the audience who want a subtle message that does not offend sensibilities when watching the film together with the family. This r...more

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Karthika Menon


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Beauteous bud broken before it blossoms

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Actually, director Nanjunda Krishna had a winner in hand. A promising script that could have turned into a discerning watch. But trust our film-makers to push the envelope in subtlety and nuanced narrative in order to drive home their homily? No way.

As a result, despite a storyline that would have won the hearts wholeheartedly, Nanjunda Krishna treads the pedestrian trail rendering Melody a case of missed opportunity. In Melody, rightly so, in keeping with modern times, girls show all the gumption and chutzpah as to where to keep the Romeos at bay who believe that girls are there to play sport with.

Despite with such a novel premise wherein the stalking and stuttering hero is put in his place, and the girl is on the verge of doing a Nora as in Ibsen's Doll's House, you have Nanjunda Krishna, getting the goosebumps.

Even as you think he is bucking the trend, he shows that he has only flattered to deceive. Of course, as a romance where the beau is dumbstruck when trying to express his love for the lass he flips for, and takes the help of his Man Friday to convey his feelings, Melody is your routine rom com.

But given that Nanjunda Krishna is a man who is known to take risks, simply crumbles when it matters most at the film's crucial moment, Melody turns into a mundane affair given the contrived climax that the director settles for.

Despite its faults one cannot, however, wholly discount the merits of Melody. It has its moments. If only those moments were converted into an ensemble, engaging entertainer.

Still, Melody, and Nanjunda Krishna should get their share in the marquee sunshine and there is no harm if one graces the film to see what a golden opportunity Nanjunda & Co missed. In sum, it's a film for the family and has a message for them. Go for it.

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