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Mr and Mrs Ramachari

Mr and Mrs Ramachari

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“This movie is a romantic-action mass entertainer, supported by an impressive star cast. It showcases the clichéd romantic plot in style, but lacks depth. ”

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Nagaraavu redux

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Do romances never work when rooted in reality? Well, the film makers believe so.Doromance not happen without violence and valour? Again, film makers think so. Will a commercial film not work if sensibly and sensitively told? Film makers after film makers would vouch to say it does not.

So, far, far removed from reality, soggily soaked in mediocrity, cliched to the core, debutant director Santosh Ananddramseeks to foist on his audiences a preachy, pontificating saga called Mr&MrsRamachari.;

Couching his message in the mindless, mundane narrative, Santosh, in revisiting the time old classic Nagarahavu, and rooting it in present times, surely has whipped up nostalgia among audiences. Varnishing his vacuous venture with delicious dialogues between Cupid struck pair, thick as thieves friends, father and sons, Santosh seeks to give legitimacy to his ludicrous assault on one's senses.

With every minute of the nearly 155 minute screen time being like sitting on hot couch of coals, one simply squirms and sniffles in agony and anguish at the shallow show that is played out before you.

Nothing makes sense in Santosh's Mr&MrsRamachari;, which, turns out more an ode to the late memory of SahasaSimhaDr Vishnuvardhan and his eponymous role as vagrant, venomous student Ramachari in PuttanaKanagal'sNagarahavu, than endear itself as engaging and entertaining film.

Yes, the love birds, the young brigade, and those that seek to spend their drunken stupor in the darkened recess of the theatre, turn into a boisterous lot, cheering and chanting Ramachari, while more discerning ones, wallow in the misery they have gotten into, with nothing to salvage their day.

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