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Muddu Manse

Muddu Manse

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A film written and directed by Ananth Shine and starring Aru Gowda, Nithya Ram and Aishwarya Nag.


“ This routine romance simply fails to be an uplifting one.”

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Arun Gowda


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Convoluted cauldron of a romance

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Romance, debutant directors, with aspirations of marquee success, feel is the best to start one's celluloid innings. How true. There is nothing more romantic notion than this that draw directors by the dozen to take on the time tested, trite topic to lure the lazy noon crowd seeking either a nice snooze or a bit of indulgent flick that provides them with the mundaneness of a mushy, moony romance, with songs and action fights as an icing on the cake.

While one has no qualms about this what, however, roils one is the inanity with which these debutants go about the task that turns out a tiresome exercise than entertaining watch. Going by its tell-tale title, Muddu Manase, as is to be expected, is a triangular romantic saga, that is as cliched and tedious it can be.

Sadly for Ananth Shain, who is caught between commercial claptrap or discerning, decent fare, sees him render Muddu Manase is a mish-mash medley of both, leaving a tart taste in the palate.

The film, which also serves as a launch pad for several of its key players, thankfully, sees them up to it, making a game of their respective roles. Not that it is any great shakes, but being rookie that they are, they show promise of delivering better performances if handled well and with wit and craft.

As to the excuse of a plot it is the proverbial tale of a lass who would rather runaway with her lover than wed the one who swoons over her and not of her choice. Of course, you have the hero, in twin time spans, in love, but whose status and background comes in the way of his getting the girl.

Though boasting of a some fine songs and polished cinematography, the film's familiar tale of star-crossed lovers, turns out more of a deja vu experience than an entertaining moments at the movies. Still spending time with one's own sweet heart is your idea of an evening at the theatre, troop into Muddu Manase. May be some of its happenings could be what you yourself may be going through. That said, I would say it could still be given the miss with better choices available at a multiplex near you.

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