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Directed by : Giriraj BM

Release Date : | Length : 137 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.3/5
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Mythri is a drama movie directed by Giriraj BM and stars Puneet Rajkumar in the lead role

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Puneet Rajkumar


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A fun-filled meaningful messenger flick

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Engaging, educative and equally entertaining, Mythri comes across as a pleasant surprise outing. Shorn of the regular crass comedy and mindless mayhem, B M Giriraj's Mythri is an ensemble entertainer both for the adults and the children in equal measure.

What makes Mythri stand out, despite its proverbial pitfalls, is it does not deviate from its core concern of championing the cause of the children in remand homes driven to crime by social compulsions. Making out a case to give these lot also their due so that they can assimilate meaningfully in the mainstream, Myhtri, thanks to the social responsibility of its Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar, gives hopes that similar films can be made if only stars apply their mind and think beyond the immediate call of their image and box office considerations.

Mythri is a film which should be graced and patronized by all those thirsting for some meaningful films that families can visit as also has some implicit larger social message imbedded in it for the larger good of the society.

While Puneet Rajkumar plays with aplomb his unassuming real life self, Malayalam actor Mohanlal and Marathi actor Atul Kulkarni, a familiar face in Kannada cinema, make Mythri a pleasurable watch though one can see where it has drawn its inspiration from.

In fact, Mythri is an object lesson for other stars as well as how to meld their larger than life idolisation into endorsing good, socially relevant films and ensure audiences assimilate such enterprises more and more than be bombarded with tripe and trashy fares ad nauseam week and week.

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