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Namasthe Madam

Namasthe Madam

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“Namasthe Madam has nothing but glamour. Ragini's portrayal of 'the Madam' and the songs are the only saving graces. You won't miss much if you skip this one. ”

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Srinagar Kitty


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Namasthe, but not Welcome, Madam

Rated 2.5 / 5

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In the time and age where women are bringing the roof down with sexual harassment cases, there is a slight role reversal here, this time around its the man who gets harassed. Suffering quietly in order to save his otherwise picture perfect, the antics the man does to save himself is brilliant.

Srinagara Kitty plays an innocent, family man with a heart of gold. He loves his wife (Nikesha Patel) and their adopted daughter. Life seems beautiful until his professional life is all set for a rollercoaster ride. Enter the hot woman boss (Ragini Dwivedi) who has her own skeletons locked up in the closet. She has power and the money, but lacks the presence of a man. She is attracted to the many facets of her subordinate's personality.

Madam does everything in her power to get him to say yes to marry her, even though he is already married and leading a peaceful life. The trials she puts him through, the sleepless nights of fear he has and what his wife thinks about the whole situation makes up the plot of Namasthe Madam.

Ragini Dwivedi has done everything she could to look glamorous, but sometimes her costumes edge vulgarity. The negative shade to her character has worked wonders on her acting skills. Nikesha, plays a dutiful, demure wife and still looks hot. Srinagar Kitty has essayed his role well. Sadhu Kokila has made some honest attempts at comedy. This is a remake of a decade old Telugu movie and the director could have done a better job in pulling off the story. Sridhar Sambram's music compliments the movie.

A one time watch just to see how a negative character can do it without the fights.

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Namaste MadamNamasthe Madam