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Namo Bhootaatma

Namo Bhootaatma

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Namo Bhootaatma is a horror movie directed by Murali and stars Komal Kumar in the lead role


“A failed attempt which this turned horror movie into a seriously bad comedy.”

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Komal Kumar


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Neither cheery nor chilling

Rated 0.5 / 5

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Being inspired is one thing. Foisting inanity, in the name of entertainment, is another. In trying to provide a heady cocktail of humour and horror, and, straddling on twin horses, Namo Bhootaatma, turns out a horrendous outing.

Komal Kumar, better known for his comic escapades, should have strictly stuck to it, rather than spice it up with a sprinkling of spooky stuff. The end result, he neither regales you to laughter nor has you chewing the nail, with the nocturnal, ghoulish nightmares.

A remake of the Tamil film, which, in itself, was inspired by a South Korean flick, Sandalwood would have been better off without this disastrous drama from choreographer turned debutant director Murali.

Neither funny to have you in fits, nor fearful in having you palpitating, this cliched fare turns out more into a verbal and physical WWF bout between the two belles who try to worm their way into the heart of the beau who has just inherited a palatial mansion.

Needless to say, located at an isolated place, far from human habitation, this house turned hostelry, the inmates soon realise is haunted, with every guest who check in, dropping dead in the wee hours of the night, turning the entire field into a mortuary as the hero dismally declares.

Suffice to say, that the thamasha wreaked on the audience, is just trite and torturous with none be it Komal or the two bawling beauties and his fitful manager, or the director and company, despite their best of intentions, unable to have you involved in their asinine antics.

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