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A supernatural horror film produced by Vikram Raju under Vega Entertainment banner. The movie is directed by Raaj Kumar Reddy.

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Shraddha Das


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An amateurish adventure

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Inanely directed, amateurishly enacted, Ouija, turns out an exasperating experience than an eerie filled thrilling adventure. The problem with Ouija is that in Indianising it to suit the local palates, the director has dished out a despicable fare to sit through which is one torture.

Taking pot shots at the industry, and in trying to provide fun-filled spine chilling fare, director Rajkumar G R, who follows the familiar tropes of the horror genre, fails to deliver a delectable fare.

Predictable, with lots of red herrings, the film, instead of having one on the edge of the seat biting one's nails, shows the futility of Rajkumar's attempt to draw inspiration from such films as Shining by Stanley Kubrick.

The three girls in the film are horrendous with not an iota of acting in their blood. The same goes for the lad who latches on to them with celluloid dreams. The camera just snakes in and out to give one the effects but that too turns out rather boring and banal. Nothing works and that's saying a lot.

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