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Paipoti is a comedy-drama movie directed by Ram Narayan and stars Gururaj Jaggesh in the lead role


“The short duration of the movie is the only thing going for it. Need we say more!”

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Gururaj Jaggesh


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Senseless assault on senses

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This is one film which should not have been made. The makers could have channeled their funds and energies to a much more noble cause. More so, this film, in fact, should not be even written about. The film is a fine example of inanity, foisted on unsuspecting audiences, as entertainment.

This one man show, where director K Ramanarayan is credits himself with story, screenplay, dialogues, as well, speaks of the pitiable paucity of basics, as to what constitutes entertaining film. Instead of being a laugh riot, the ludicrous vaudeville, has one squirming and fuming in one's seat.

Two thick as thieves' bosom buddies and valentines, vaingloriously hope to propose for the love of their life. However, it turns out, while the girl of their affections, is the same person, who, impervious to their real intentions, considers them as just friends.

How the two seek to rival each other to either win her over or will her to one of them forms the fulcrum of this pathetic pastiche, with a third beau brought in to make it a triangular trash. What more can one expect from a film where a father gloriously gambles away his salary and gulps bottles of rum, and the two besotted beau, similarly are more drunken sots than serious contenders. All in the name of providing a breezy, rib-tickling, comic caper.

Honestly, this rivalry of romance and ribaldry is not a fare worth the penny that has been spent on it, both by the makers and the audience who visit it. Trust me it's better to leave Paipoti to be decimated by other better films on the marquee than grace it and providing needless lifespan to an already dead duck. The only sane thing is it is just about two hours. It is understandable. For bereft of idea and inspiration the makers could not think between the two hours.

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