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“The short duration of the movie is the only thing going for it. Need we say more!”

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Gururaj Jaggesh


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Paipoti?.... SighPoti

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It is one of those movies that gives strength to the myth that women are the reason for two men fighting. In Paipoti, we have two friends (Gururaj and Niranjan) and a pretty girl (Poojashree) whose lives revolve around each other very closely facilitating a possible love triangle. The two best friends who are as thick as thieves fall in love with the same girl! No one could have guessed this one.

The two of them go on and on sharing the details and experiences of their love and lover. All this as usual is happening without the two knowing that the girl they are talking about endlessly is the same person. What is strange, the two of them not once realise that usually people show pictures of the person they have a crush on or have fallen in love with. At some point, they should have stopped making a fool out of audience.

As logic less as things go...the two best friends become sworn enemies and want to destroy each other and want to woo the girl. Well the girl too has a choice here right?

K Ramanarayan has fallen face flat again with his one-man army tactic. He has story, screenplay and dialogues alongside direction credited to him. One cook spoilt too many broths here. R S Ganesh Narayanan's music is ear jarring and there is nothing to talk about the movie.

Worn out storyline, bad acting and the list is endless.

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