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Paramashiva is an action movie directed by Mahesh Babu and stars V. Ravichandran in the lead role


“Ravichandran's show stealing performance, crisp direction and music that complements the mood make Paramashiva a must watch despite the heave dose of mushy melodrama! ”

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V. Ravichandran


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Seeped in sister and brother sentiment.

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Films, it seems, do not come with an expiry date. So, after nearly three years in the deep freezer, Paramashiva, has finally hit the celluloid screens much to the delight of Crazy Star fans. However, is this dated, old as hills fare worth the wait?

Sure, if you are one who believe in soaking to the fullest in the sugary, syrupy family sentiments that squeezes every drop of tears from your eyes. So, if you are to ask me, buy a big box of tissue paper, and head to Paramashiva, for you will be left teary-eyed and a running nose throughout its nearly 2 hours 45 minutes screen time.

It is odious to state that Paramashiva is a remake of the 2001 Tamil family melodrama Samudhiram, which in turn, was remade in Telugu as Shiva Rama Raju.

From sisterly affection, to brotherly bond, to elderly reverence, to a vassal's loyalty, and of course, the proverbial rivalries and family honour above all, these are all there stacked up to the brim, and in ample measure, taking one back to those yester-years of mushy, mundane family melodramas.

But, Paramashiva, truth be told, is like a welcome breeze on a hot, humid afternoon, which thankfully, is not your high-decibel drivel with its vengeful, bloody battles that take the life out of you. Yes, Paramashiva, may seem archaic in today's times, with give and take business during weddings, laying one's life for sake of family honour, and brothers and sisters oozing sweetness and whose words are like God's bidding for each other.

However, Paramashiva is far more palatable and pleasing to sit and suffer through, given its sentimental stuff rather than have one's ear drums split by insane heroics wreaked upon, with machete wielding heroes, week after week. Not that Paramashiva is minus this mandatory blood-letting. If only the makers had eschewed this part of the box office economics may be the film would have brought back traditional families back to the single screen theatres.

Erode Sundar's moth-eating story ensures that director Mahesh Babu gives more importance to how three brothers swear by one another and will brook no injustice to their dear darling sister whose happiness and joy is their life's goal.

In a tale where Ravichandran rules the roost, both as Shiva, the elder of the three brothers, and a honest do-gooder father Paramashiva, who will not break his word, Crazy Star's loyals have a delirious time. That Ravinchandran's earlier film Drishya has ensured he is in the limelight lately and in reviving this dated Paramashiva, he seems to be the flavor of the Sandalwood. As to whether his star power is enough to help Paramashiva rake in the moolah, only time will tell. Friday though saw a measly crowd and not that mad rush one would witness when our Crazy Star's cinema hits the screens.

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