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Release Date : | Length : 98 Minutes

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Plus is an action-dram movie directed by Gadda Viji and stars Aishani Shetty in the lead role


“Experiment gone wrong”

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Anant Nag


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Mythical patina to phobic hogwash

Rated 0.5 / 5

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With a fine premise, and an equally sizzling plot, Gadda Viji, in Plus, hits the pits rather than turn out an enterprising entertainer. The basic pivot of director Viji's Plus is one can convert one's inherent phobias into strengthens to fight the devils of the psyche and use it to good use. Alas, by evoking a mythological prologue to an otherwise modernistic plot, Viji runs aground and renders Plus an insufferable experience.

That he employs all the tricks in the trade to keep the mystery element in Plus only makes the movie so convoluted and confounding that right from the word go audiences are already murmuring what a bore. Misreably scripted and equally horribly narrated, fully disjointed and disoriented manner, Plus, despite its medley of interesting actors, and situations, turns out a terrible watch.

There is nothing in Plus that exudes positivity which the makers go hyperbole to promote the film. It is this very hype and the way Viji goes about his job, gives its negativity. This despite the fact a seasoned and veteran actor Anant Nag simply delivers his designed role with aplomb and shows he is still a class by himself despite a retinue of new comers on the horizon struggling to make a mark. Matching him, despite the comical sartorial makeup he is given, Ravi Shankar to does a decent job.

In sum, this Plus, miserably fails in its litmus test of audience's entertainment quotient, torturing them to ennui and comes gets only a minus marks. Plus is a promise that has gone awry due to the audaciousness of its director to deliver a product that would be different yet did not know how to execute it with finesse and deftness that it deserves as a true auteur. Mentor Yograj Bhat may be trying to promote new ideas and concepts onto Kannada marquee. He, however, should also safeguard himself into find whether the script and the director match the credentials he expects to ventures he gives his blessings.

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