Raja Rajendra

Raja Rajendra

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  • Critics Rating 3.5/5
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“Sharan is the Raja of the movie; watch it if you're a Sharan fan.”

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King in a bottle

Rated 2.5 / 5

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All through the movie I just kept wondering why hasn't Sharan become a mainstream hero yet, he has all the potential, be it dancing or acting or fights. Raja Rajendra had taken me by surprise.

Bottle Mani (Sharan) is a small time crook and namesake of the actual rowdy Bottle Mani who is known to kill with beer bottles. While the actual Mani is in jail, the fake Bottle Mani (Sharan) makes hay. He signs up an assignment to kill the reigning member of the royal family by faking to be his grandson who was lost as a child.

The Royal grandfather (Ramakrishna) has three granddaughters and one of them is Ishita Dutta While all of them welcome the grandson with open arms, the sons-in-law of the royal family are the ones who have recruited him to kill the grandfather to become owners of the royal property.

As Bottle Mani enters the royal house, he sees the photo of the dead king, something about that photo troubles him from day one and then starts a series of activities. Unknowingly Bottle Mani, who came in as an assassin becomes the savior of the royal family. Is he just the savior or is he an insider too? The story unfolds with these answers.

Sharan has done a decent job with all his multiple characters, Ramakrishna too does justice to his role as the royal grandfather. Ishita Dutta is pretty looking onscreen, though she needs to lipsync better. The songs are just average. The comedy is good complete with good jokes and timing. Not one of the predictable imposter stories.

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