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Raja Rajendra

Raja Rajendra

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Raja Rajendra is a comedy movie directed by Pon Kumaran and stars Sharan in the lead role


“Sharan is the Raja of the movie; watch it if you're a Sharan fan.”

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Sharan & Kumaran's shammy show

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Comedy is fine. But comedy without comic sense. Well, that's a different proposition. Sharan believes that his brand of comedy works. May be for a handful of fans he may have cultivated in his short sojourn at the movie marquee. But then Sharan's comedy, helmed by Pon Kumaran, simply sucks. Their brand of comedy can be done without, for, one need not have to troop into a theatre, paying a hefty price, to watch the tomfoolery that rarely raises laugh or snigger in you.

As absurd as the asinine plot, is the assaulting narrative that Sharan and Kumaran dish out, hoping they will laugh their way to the banks, while audiences pay to suffer their sickening vacuous vaudeville. With a plot as old as ant hills, wherein the heirs, scheme till death come, to end their wait by putting their royal father-in-law to eternal sleep, Sharan, with Kumaran playing footsie, hopes they can have audiences in splits.

They do so only in the last half hour of their otherwise duffer drama, which again elicits laugher not at the jokes, but at their antics to tickle the funny bones. In this insufferable inane fare, only sane person is Ishita Dutta, who is watchable as affable and honest Swati, whose father too is a scheming shaman with the eye on the royal booty.

Suffer me if I say it's better to leave Raja Rajendra to the riotous crowd that raise a shindig at the sham of a comedy, and seek pleasurable time elsewhere and be really happy about it.

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