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Directed by : Pavan Odeyar

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Ranavikrama is a drama movie directed by Pavan Odeyar and stars Puneet Rajkumar in the lead role

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Puneet Rajkumar


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High decibel delirious dated drama

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Ranavikrama is purely for Puneeth Rajkumar's fans. In a larger-than-life role and tumultuous tale tailored to T, Appu, as Puneeth Rajkumar is fondly addressed by his legionnaires, has audiences lustily cheering and calling for more of their screen idol.

Playing twin Vikramas of the past and the present, Puneeth pulverises his opponents the corrupt MLA Kulkarni and the British predator to pulp as he becomes the one man demolition squad taking on the State's foes.

While the first half, with its pre-Independence prologue sets an exciting and expectant stage for the action to follow, the second half, however, turns out a real downer. As a tale Ranavikrama is as moth-eaten and trite as possible, only the slick action makes it meaningful outing for the fans.

Director Pavan Wadeyar turns Ranavikrama into a high octane drama of political, border and British debauchery, wherein the honest hero single-handedly brings justice to the local populace, in this case, being the Kannadigas. Yes, set in the fictional border temple town of Vikramatheertha abetting the Belgaum and Maharashtra boundaries, director Pavan leaves no stone unturned to ensure his childhood hero takes on the Herculean prowess to fight for his people and bring the perpetrators to book.

In sum, while Puneeth Rajkumar goes through the proverbial motions that the potboiler expects of him and ensures his die-hards are on a thrall, the rest of the cast, include the female interest, play footsie for him to hog the limelight.

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