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Rathavaara‬ (Kannada)

Rathavaara‬ (Kannada)

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Rathavaara‬ is a drama movie directed by Chandrashekar Bandiyappa and stars Srimurali in the lead role

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Of politicians and hit men

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It seems there is no redemption for viewers. With Sandalwood staraps starved of novel, engaging ideas, they are foisted with the same thrash week after week. Like the protagonist in Rathavaara, audiences too seek some sort of escape from the mundanity of their existence through entertainment.

Trust our film-makers to understand that and try to make movies that would excite and engage the audience for that three hours in the darkened hall where he wishes to forget himself. No way. So, believing in only hype will succeed for their heroes, and with stars, not seeing reason in newer ways of narratives, it is audiences who suffer.

Offering nothing new but the same old recycled routine, Rathavaara, is all about how a rowdy, the Man Friday of MLA Manikanta, realises too late in life, that there is more to life than taking others life at the bidding of his master. How his new found determination, after a transgender, whose life he tries to take for his make, curses and he suffers as a result, only infuriates his master and those wanting to get close to the MLA for their daily bread and moolah, forms the fulcrum of Rathavaara.

Ofcourse, crass, below the belt jejune jokes, a silly slip of a girl, thinking her mon amour is this rowdy, as sub tracks, only add to the agony and angry that swells up in you.

With hardly anything worth the while in it to appreciate, you just scurry to the nearest exist, leaving those that suffer their fate even further. So much for entertainment.

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Rathavaara‬ (Kannada)