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Release Date : | Length : 89 Minutes

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Ricky is a romance-drama movie directed by Rishab Shetty and stars Rakshit Shetty in the lead role

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Lal Salam to this love tale

Rated 3.5 / 5

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For once here is a film that, despite its tardy and snail pace, covets you. Set against the Naxal movement that swept Mangaluru, in the wake of inhuman SEZ land acquisitions, RishabShetty's Ricky turns out a surprising fare at the movies.

What further warms one's cockles is despite having a hero in RakshitShetty, Rishab has ensured his heroine in Haripriya too gets equal, if not, larger billing in the heart-warming drama.

A subtle rendition of the familiar Radha - Radhakrishna love lore in the modern context, Ricky speaks of love saga that is tried and tested in tough times with the heroine taking to Naxalism following the death of her parents, and the government's inhuman policy of land acquisition.

Though not great cinema, which certainly Ricky could have been, if Rishab had eschewed the commercial claptrap, still given that one is foisted with such chaff in the name of entertainment, Ricky is like a fresh autumn breeze.

A bit poetical in its dialogues, the film, which evokes all the names in communism, from Lenin, to Mao, to Che, the film is a hard hitting social treatise on how government's development agenda runs rough shod of people's aspirations and people welfare.

Ricky has its irritants in the form of song and dance numbers. But these can be forgiven given the larger context and social message that Rishab seeks to drive home for a larger audience. Haripriya does a fine job as an innocent waif-like village girl caught in the throes of romance and later into a firebrand Naxal. RakshitShetty, who, lately has sought to take an image-makeover as a romance cum fighting hero is also good.

In sum, Ricky is a film that is worth a watch and needs encouraged though Rishab, who has scripted, and written the fare, could have done a much better product of it. Still, Kudos!.

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